5 Reasons Why Tradies’ Teeth Might Be At Greater Risk

It’s a booming time if you’re a tradie, there is no shortage of work, and as with many busy professions it is easy to skip the self-care. When it comes to dental health, there are several factors that can negatively impact those that work in construction. There is no need for your smile to suffer, so here are some tips to avoid unwanted damage.

Energy drinks – If you start your day with a can of red bull or similar, then you are at increased risk of erosion due to a significant amount of acid. (The same applies to regular soft drink and other sports drinks) Acid dissolves your teeth so they will become thinner, shorter and require significant repairs. In addition, caffeine reduces how much saliva you produce. Even sugar free drinks are still highly acidic.

tradies teeth risk coopers plainsDehydration – unlike office folk, tradies can get a sweat on doing their job. Increased physical activity and often working outdoors really turns up the heat. This dehydration leads to a dry mouth, which means you have less natural protection against tooth decay. This is compounded by the fact that if you rehydrate with anything other than plain water you will risk further tooth decay and erosion

High Calorie diet – It comes as no surprise that you need more calories to do a physical job. The trouble is, that if you get those from refined sugar, then you are at higher risk of tooth decay. Sugar in drinks is the worst; Iced Coffee, soft drink, energy drinks all contain a significant amount and should be minimised.

Chipping, wear and tear – It’s not good to use your teeth as a tool or a vice! Don’t hold nails, pencils or objects between your teeth, as you can cause chipping and other wear.

Dusty Environment – fine dust created during building and manufacturing processes can be inhaled into the mouth and have a mildly abrasive impact on your teeth. This is especially true if you have a dry mouth and can’t rinse away the dust.

How can you take control? Hydration with regular chilled tap water is essential and should be substituted for energy drinks. Get you calories from more lasting sources and not from sugary drinks.

And don’t forget to brush before & after work.


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