excruciating tooth pain causes South Brisbane

Excruciating Tooth Pain Causes – What Can Be Done?

Tooth pain is often unpleasant, distracting and sometimes excruciating. For many people, it develops slowly and for others, the onset can be rapid and confronting. A true toothache differs from what dentists define as sensitivity because in the majority of cases it involves the presence of infection. Sensitivity is where a tooth reacts to cold, or […]

good dental hygiene tips South Brisbane

Good Dental Hygiene Tips For Healthy White Teeth

If you want to have great dental health it all starts with the basics. Cleaning! No matter what amazing procedures modern dentistry can provide, most dentists will agree that nothing is as good as your own natural well-maintained teeth. Good dental hygiene tips are an important part of any trip to your dental professional. The […]


Foods Good For Healthy Teeth And Gums

Most people are generally aware of foods good for healthy teeth and gums and be more careful to those bad foods that is bad for your teeth. Dental health is important for general health, and it turns out that many of the things that are good for teeth are also good for you. Let’s not […]


Best Teeth Whitening Tips

If you want to whiten your teeth you may have already discovered that there are loads of products and options that claim to give great outcomes. The challenge is to sort fact from the fiction and to make the correct choice for your situation.   Why Are My Teeth Discoloured? Before you consider teeth whitening, […]


How Do I Remove Plaque From Dentures?

If you have dentures, it is important to clean them thoroughly. Why? Partial dentures, full dentures, dentures made of plastic, acrylic or those with metal components all get covered with a film of plaque when in the mouth.  So, if you have ever asked the question “How do I remove plaque from dentures?” then this […]

how serious is gum disease south brisbane

How Serious is Gum Disease? 

Your gums and jaw bone provide the support to your teeth and are at the front line of bacterial infection of the body. Gum disease not only matters as far as your mouth is concerned; it is linked to many other more serious health issues.  It’s a cliche, but there is no point in having […]

root canal coopers plains

Why Is A Root Canal Needed? – Everything You Need To Know

For many people, the phrase root canal is not something that evokes the same sort of emotion as puppy dogs or beach sunsets. Much of this unpleasant reaction can be born out of hearing other people’s tales, or perhaps a misunderstanding of what it is, and why a root canal is needed. Most dentists would […]

Corona virus and the dentist

Update 20/05/2020 From Monday May 11, Dental restrictions will be eased to level 1. This means that we are able to perform the entire range of dental procedures including important preventive measures such as cleaning and polishing.  CP Dental has been adhering to Government guidelines during the Covid-19 pandemic, and the move to ease restrictions reflects the [...]

when should I take my child to the dentist south brisbane qld

When Should I Take My Child To The Dentist?

If parenting wasn’t busy enough, taking your kid to the dentist is another important job that should not be overlooked. Your child’s first dental visit should ideally be before they turn one. This might seem pointless, however the foundations for a lifetime of good dental health start with the basics of appropriate advice and preventive [...]

dental procedures that require anesthesia south brisbane

Dental Procedures That Require Anesthesia

Local anesthetic ( LA) or general anesthetic (GA)? Let’s be honest, lots of people find trips to the dentist uncomfortable, unpleasant and sometimes painful. There are also people who suffer moderate to severe anxiety towards dentistry that stops them coming until they are forced due to severe problems. As such, modern dentists are equipped with [...]

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