pain after wisdom teeth removal coopers plains

Pain After Wisdom Teeth Removal – What You Need To Do?

Wisdom teeth are commonly removed for different reasons.  Whether they are removed due to being impacted, decayed, insufficient spacing or infection, the management of pain after removal is very important. Pain after wisdom teeth removal for everyone will be experienced differently depending on the individual’s tolerance to pain and the level of difficulty of their […]

grinding teeth in sleep coopers plains

Grinding Teeth in Sleep – Issues Caused and Its Treatment

Did you know that a painful jaw, facial muscles and headaches are all symptoms of teeth grinding and clenching?  Tightness in the jaw joint (temporomandibular joint) and muscles, can cause significant discomfort, and reduce the ability to open enough to eat and chew effectively.  Injury to the tongue, cheeks and tooth wear are also common […]


Phases of the Dental Implant Procedure

Dental Implants are used as a way to replace missing teeth or to help stabilise dentures. The dental implant procedure has been established for decades, and continuously evolves to improve the predictability of the outcome. So, what is an implant in dentistry? If you have lost a tooth or several teeth, an implant can be […]

how clean dentures coopers plains

How to Clean Dentures?

If you have dentures, or are helping care for a loved one with dentures, it is important to have the right information when it comes to correct cleaning techniques.  False teeth require cleaning and leading to odour, staining and increase the risk of chronic inflammation of the gums.  When it comes to partial dentures, the […]

gum disease symptoms coopers plains

Gum Disease Symptoms – The Often Silent But Serious Oral Health Issue

Having a healthy mouth and a confident smile is more than just about your teeth. As most dentists will tell you, a tooth is only as good as its foundation, which is the gum and the jawbone that support it. Our mouths are filled with a variety of bacteria, many of which can be harmful, […]

how long does teeth whitening last coopers plains

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

Teeth Whitening products seem to be everywhere. From the supermarket, to your social media feed, you are bombarded with options and it can be difficult to make an informed choice. Getting effective results from a safe and reputable source is one thing, but how long does teeth whitening last? Put simply, there is no easy […]

fear of dentist coopers plains

Fear of Dentist – How Can It Be Overcome With IV Sedation?

Some of you don’t like us, we get it. And for some of you there is a fear of dentists that means you avoid seeing us until things are really bad. Dental anxiety is quite common, and the unfortunate outcome is that simple problems turn into significant ones when they are not treated quickly enough. […]

teeth implants thailand coopers plains

Teeth Implants in Thailand – Be Aware With The Potential Risks

Have you spent time recently thinking about replacing a missing tooth that has always annoyed you? Have you considered implant work to replace that missing tooth or teeth? Has the cost stopped you going ahead? So have you asked friends, family or work colleagues, and been told to go overseas to a place like Thailand […]

what causes sensitive teeth south brisbane

What Causes Sensitive Teeth?

Sensitive teeth are a common issue that can be an indication of more serious problems such as gum disease, decay, cracks, excessive tooth wear, and nerve infections. What causes sensitive teeth is important to understand so that it can be treated and further damage can be prevented.  In a perfectly happy and healthy mouth, your […]

fix gap in teeth south brisbane central highlands

Fix Gap In Teeth

Orthodontic treatment has become more common in children and adults as it can help fix gaps, align teeth and improve aesthetics and function. If you have ever wished to change the appearance of your smile, it is important to understand the various options available.   For some people, spaces or gaps in between teeth are often a welcome part of their character and define their appearance. This is something […]

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