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Why Is A Root Canal Needed? – Everything You Need To Know

For many people, the phrase root canal is not something that evokes the same sort of emotion as puppy dogs or beach sunsets. Much of this unpleasant reaction can be born out of hearing other people’s tales, or perhaps a misunderstanding of what it is, and why a root canal is needed. Most dentists would […]

Corona virus and the dentist

We are still open and ready to help, but we have some more strict criteria. Here is how you can help. Updated 23/3/2020 CP Dental remains open and is responding to the unfolding Covid-19 scenario. You may notice some changes to our procedures, but the fundamental high standard of infection control remains. Extra measures include [...]

when should I take my child to the dentist south brisbane qld

When Should I Take My Child To The Dentist?

If parenting wasn’t busy enough, taking your kid to the dentist is another important job that should not be overlooked. Your child’s first dental visit should ideally be before they turn one. This might seem pointless, however the foundations for a lifetime of good dental health start with the basics of appropriate advice and preventive [...]

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Dental Procedures That Require Anesthesia

Local anesthetic ( LA) or general anesthetic (GA)? Let’s be honest, lots of people find trips to the dentist uncomfortable, unpleasant and sometimes painful. There are also people who suffer moderate to severe anxiety towards dentistry that stops them coming until they are forced due to severe problems. As such, modern dentists are equipped with [...]

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How Is the Dental Tooth Crown Procedure Done?

You may have heard of dental crowns before, already have one or your dentist has suggested that this is appropriate for you. In this article, we will outline the Dental tooth crown procedure and how it might apply to you. If someone suggested you need a crown, you might take it as a compliment, but [...]

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Teeth Whitening Systems – What Are Your Options?

Many people desire a whiter and brighter smile, and there are several ways to achieve this. Getting the correct information is important to help you get the best outcome, the safest possible way.  It is tempting to look in the supermarket isle to find a teeth whitening treatment, but will it really work?  There are also lots [...]


Do I Need Dental Veneers? The Answer To This Question Is Probably NO

So what actually is a veneer?    A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain that is glued over the surface of your teeth. In most cases it requires a small amount of your natural tooth to be trimmed back to allow room for the porcelain to be fitted.   Do I need porcelain veneers?  [...]


Why Do I Get Tooth Decay And What Causes It?

Cavities, holes, tooth rot and decay are all terms used to describe one of the most common health issues affecting people of all ages around the world. Dental Caries. Quite often you can’t see it, feel it or even know it is there, until the problems are more serious. That’s where the most loved, charismatic [...]

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Tooth Implant Procedure – How It’s Done?

Dental implants are one of several options available to replace missing teeth. In this blog, we explain a little more about the tooth implant procedure and how they can be used.   What is a tooth implant procedure? If you need to have a tooth removed due to decay or extensive damage, a biocompatible post [...]

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How Long Does Invisalign Take To Work?

Many people are increasingly turning to Invisalign to correct their crooked or gapped teeth. But they often wonder: how long does Invisalign take? Read on to learn about how Invisalign can help you achieve a winning smile.   How Does Invisalign Work? Invisalign is a set of clear aligner trays that have been customised to [...]

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