fear of dentist coopers plains

Fear of Dentist – How Can It Be Overcome With IV Sedation?

Some of you don’t like us, we get it. And for some of you there is a fear of dentists that means you avoid seeing us until things are really bad. Dental anxiety is quite common, and the unfortunate outcome is that simple problems turn into significant ones when they are not treated quickly enough. […]

teeth implants thailand coopers plains

Teeth Implants in Thailand – Be Aware With The Potential Risks

Have you spent time recently thinking about replacing a missing tooth that has always annoyed you? Have you considered implant work to replace that missing tooth or teeth? Has the cost stopped you going ahead? So have you asked friends, family or work colleagues, and been told to go overseas to a place like Thailand […]

what causes sensitive teeth south brisbane

What Causes Sensitive Teeth?

Sensitive teeth are a common issue that can be an indication of more serious problems such as gum disease, decay, cracks, excessive tooth wear, and nerve infections. What causes sensitive teeth is important to understand so that it can be treated and further damage can be prevented.  In a perfectly happy and healthy mouth, your […]

fix gap in teeth south brisbane central highlands

Fix Gap In Teeth

Orthodontic treatment has become more common in children and adults as it can help fix gaps, align teeth and improve aesthetics and function. If you have ever wished to change the appearance of your smile, it is important to understand the various options available.   For some people, spaces or gaps in between teeth are often a welcome part of their character and define their appearance. This is something […]

teeth whitening phuket coopers plains

Teeth Whitening in Phuket – Understand The Possible Risks You May Encounter

Spent more time at home throughout 2020 drinking coffee, red wine and eating curry, and left wondering how to best do some teeth whitening now the new year has rolled around?  Want that sparkling, bright, white smile that teeth whitening can achieve? Teeth whitening in Phuket while on an amazing holiday, sound enticing? You’re not […]

smoking is bad for your health coopers plains

Smoking Is Bad For Your Health

Smoking is widely known to be bad for your health, and fortunately in Australia the use of tobacco is on the decline. However there are still many people who are addicted to cigarettes and dentists see the impact of this everyday in their practices. As trained professionals, dentists and hygienists are aware of the risks […]

is teeth whitening safe coopers plains

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Teeth whitening procedures are becoming increasingly popular as more and more products pop up on your social media feed. In many cases they are promoted by influencers with no dental background and are also being sold or applied by those with no formal dental training.    So how safe is teeth whitening? That depends on […]

can you get rid of tartar on teeth coopers plains

Can You Get Rid of Tartar on Teeth?

Most people love the feeling of freshly cleaned teeth from their dental professional. Dentists, Hygienists and Oral Health Therapists are trained to remove plaque and tartar build-up and have some specialised equipment to do a thorough job.  Tartar build up is also known as calculus or more commonly scale. Your saliva contains minerals that play […]

grinding of teeth symptoms coopers plains

Grinding of Teeth – Symptoms and Possible Treatments

More and more in this world pandemic we are currently living through, we are seeing increased anxiety, stress and nervousness, which can exhibit dentally as teeth grinding problems. Teeth grinding commonly occurs during sleep, but can also occur during waking hours. People who grind their teeth or clench their teeth may be suffering from undue […]

pain relief for pulled tooth coopers plains

Pain Relief for a Pulled Tooth Following an Extraction

Pain relief for a pulled tooth pain following a tooth extraction is not unusual but is very dependent on where in the mouth the tooth was extracted and how difficult the extraction was. Having a tooth removed is unfortunately not a pleasant experience, so to ensure you have a speedy recovery and reduce the likelihood […]

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