is teeth whitening safe coopers plains

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Teeth whitening procedures are becoming increasingly popular as more and more products pop up on your social media feed. In many cases they are promoted by influencers with no dental background and are also being sold or applied by those with no formal dental training.    So how safe is teeth whitening? That depends on […]

can you get rid of tartar on teeth coopers plains

Can You Get Rid of Tartar on Teeth?

Most people love the feeling of freshly cleaned teeth from their dental professional. Dentists, Hygienists and Oral Health Therapists are trained to remove plaque and tartar build-up and have some specialised equipment to do a thorough job.  Tartar build up is also known as calculus or more commonly scale. Your saliva contains minerals that play […]

grinding of teeth symptoms coopers plains

Grinding of Teeth – Symptoms and Possible Treatments

More and more in this world pandemic we are currently living through, we are seeing increased anxiety, stress and nervousness, which can exhibit dentally as teeth grinding problems. Teeth grinding commonly occurs during sleep, but can also occur during waking hours. People who grind their teeth or clench their teeth may be suffering from undue […]

pain relief for pulled tooth coopers plains

Pain Relief for a Pulled Tooth Following an Extraction

Pain relief for a pulled tooth pain following a tooth extraction is not unusual but is very dependent on where in the mouth the tooth was extracted and how difficult the extraction was. Having a tooth removed is unfortunately not a pleasant experience, so to ensure you have a speedy recovery and reduce the likelihood […]

tooth sensitivity and pain coopers plains

Experiencing Tooth Sensitivity and Pain? These Might Help

Tooth sensitivity and pain can vary from mild to extreme and it is important to understand the cause in order to treat it effectively. Dentists regularly get quizzed from patients who are concerned they have serious issues that are contributing to their discomfort. Fortunately, true tooth sensitivity is easy to treat and often manageable without […]

what is a root canal in dentistry coopers plains

What is a Root Canal in Dentistry?

If you are a dentist at a party quite often you will get quizzed about the different types of dental procedures. So in this article, we seek to clarify – What is a root canal in dentistry? Root canal treatment is aimed at removing infected and painful tissue within the tooth to avoid having the […]


Causes of Cavity in Teeth – How to Prevent Tooth Decay

Even in 2020, tooth decay is still one of the most common diseases in the world. As cavities progress, they cause damage to the tooth and if it reaches the nerve in the centre, it can result in extensive pain and infection, requiring expensive dental work or removal of the tooth. A cavity is where [...]

dental benefits of flossing south brisbane

Dental Benefits of Flossing – Maintain Oral Hygiene

Most oral health professionals know the dental benefits of flossing and the importance of doing it regularly. However, if you don’t floss frequently you are not alone. More people choose to head to bed without using dental floss than those of us that spend that extra minute in front of the mirror. In most cases, […]

dental plaque prevention South Brisbane

Dental Plaque Prevention – Things You Should Know

Many people have heard of the term plaque when it comes to dentistry. Dental plaque prevention is critical for good oral health, reduced tooth decay, gum disease and fresh breath. So what is dental plaque? It’s the furry or fuzzy build up that accumulates on our teeth and gums and is made up of billions […]

what is the process of getting dentures South Brisbane

What is the Process of Getting Dentures?

Dentures are also commonly known as false teeth. They can be categorized as full or partial where all or some of the teeth are being replaced by a removable device. In the case of partial dentures, the remaining teeth can be used as a grip or anchorage point to improve denture stability. Because dentures are […]

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