Advanced Dental Procedures – OLD

Advanced Dental Procedures – OLD


A crown may be required if a filling is not a suitable treatment option for a damaged tooth. A crown could be compared to a helmet for the tooth and may be required if it is heavily filled, weakened or discoloured. A crown requires two separate appointments, the first is to prepare the tooth by trimming it down to allow space for the crown to fit over it and the second is to cement the crown in place. Crowns are custom made at a specialised dental laboratory and may be made of porcelain, gold or a combination of materials. The result in a much stronger and more durable restoration than could be achieved with a filling. Your dental practitioner will discuss what the best course of action is if you have a tooth that requires specialised treatment.


A bridge may be a suitable treatment option if you are missing a tooth. Two or more crowns can be joined together and used to “bridge” a space where a tooth is missing. A bridge may provide a suitable treatment alternative to a dental implant for a missing tooth.


Oral Rehabilitation

This is a broad term which essentially refers to more complex and comprehensive rebuilding of worn and damaged teeth. Where multiple teeth are broken or worn it is important to identify the cause, remedy it, and then work to rebuild and repair the damaged teeth.

Some common causes for severely worn and damaged teeth include trauma, decay, damage from grinding and acid erosion from gastric reflux or excess consumption of fizzy drinks.

There are many different ways to rebuild worn teeth and we can discuss the source of the problem, the preventive measures to stop it reoccurring, and the best treatment options to rebuild your smile.


















The effects of a missing tooth varies amongst patients; some may be concerned about the appearance, some may find it difficult to chew and some may find that problems develop over time as remaining teeth move into unfavourable positions.

To treat these issues your dentist may recommend a dental implant, made from surgical titanium a dental implant is a medical screw which is inserted into the bone where the missing tooth used to be. Once healed a porcelain tooth is attached to the implant and normal function is restored.

Dental implants may also be used to give better grip and support to dentures.



CP Dental is able to provide all aspects of dental implant treatment in-house.

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