Sedation And General Anaesthesia

Sedation And General Anaesthesia

IV Sedation

CP Dental is pleased to provide patients with the option of in-chair IV Sedation. This procedure is ideal for patients who struggle with anxiety about undergoing dental treatment and some special needs patients. A consultation is required for all patients considering IV Sedation.  Throughout an IV Sedation the patient is awake but extremely relaxed and can rarely recall the procedure afterwards. IV Sedation is currently only offered at CP Dental Coopers Plains.

General Anaesthesia

CP Dental is pleased to provide extractions and some implant surgery under general anaesthesia at Sunnybank Private Hospital and Emerald Hospital. In most cases restorative procedures such as fillings are performed under IV Sedation rather than general anaesthesia. All patients considering general anaesthesia will require a consultation by a CP Dental practitioner.

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