Denture Services

If you’re missing one or more teeth, dentures could be a suitable way to restore your smile and confidence. Dentures are commonly used to replace natural teeth and are often the most cost-effective option. Not only will getting a new denture give you a confidence boost but will also help to protect any remaining teeth and provide essential support to your facial muscles and dental tissue.

At our CP Dental clinic, we pride ourselves on creating natural-looking, quality dentures in the South Brisbane and Emerald area. Our modern dentures are made from high-strength acrylic material and fit very comfortably in the mouth, making it easy to smile, eat and talk without having to worry about any unsightly gaps in your teeth.

Is A Denture Right For Me?

While there are other ways to replace missing teeth – like dental bridges and dental implants – a denture can be the most cost-effective solution for our Brisbane patients. Other reasons people choose to have a denture is because they:

● provide a natural-looking, full smile
● are durable and long-lasting
● help you speak and eat comfortably
● provide support to any remaining teeth
● are very easy to care for and remove

Are There Different Types Of Dentures?

Our dentures in Emerald, Coopers Plains and Mater Hill can replace just one missing tooth or a number of lost teeth and can be used on both the upper and lower jaw. They can be made from either chrome, acrylic, or a combination of both these materials.

  1. A Full Denture
    is used to replace a complete arch of missing teeth. The base is made from acrylic with a full set of resin teeth. Your Brisbane dentist will make sure that your new dentures sit comfortably in your mouth and show you how to clean them properly before you leave our dental clinic.

  2. A Partial Denture
    is used to fill spaces where teeth are missing and can be fabricated on a metal, hard acrylic or flexible base that clips onto neighbouring teeth. This denture is custom made to fit your mouth and our Brisbane dentists will always make sure that it’s perfectly colour-matched so it blends seamlessly with your other teeth.

  3. An Implant Retained Denture
    is preferred by our dentists because it’s the gold standard tooth replacement option in South Brisbane. This is a much more permanent solution because the denture is held firmly in place by small titanium implants that are fixed securely into the jawbone, acting as a natural tooth root would.


Our Brisbane dentists will help you choose the denture option that’s best suited to your individual needs and we’d be happy to discuss any alternative options too. To custom make your new dentures in Coopers Plains, Mater Hill or Emerald, it will require a number of appointments at our dental clinic in order to achieve the best fit possible. Once your dentures have been fitted, it’s important to care for them properly to help prolong their lifespan.

What to Expect From Your New Denture in Brisbane

When you have your new dentures fitted, at first, they may feel a little awkward and will likely take some time getting used to. Your mouth will feel fuller, so speaking and eating may take a little practice and you might produce extra saliva for a while. But don’t worry, our Brisbane patients often find that after a week or so, the cheek muscles and tongue soon adapt to wearing the denture.

If you’re missing one or more teeth why not schedule a visit to our dental practices in Emerald, Coopers Plains or South Brisbane? Dentures can be made to suit any budget and are a great, natural looking solution to restore your smile and boost your confidence. Call one of our our dental clinics today to ask about our denture services, including repairs and relines.

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