Teeth Whitening

Get a Sparkling Smile with Teeth Whitening in South Brisbane, Coopers Plains and Emerald

If you’re looking for the perfect white smile, CP Dental can help brighten up your teeth with our safe and effective teeth whitening at all of our locations. Our professional cosmetic treatment offers an easy and affordable way to improve your smile and help boost your self-esteem and confidence. Want more info for aesthetic dental options?

Why whiten your teeth?

For many, a white smile brings confidence and happiness. It also can make you feel more comfortable in social situations, especially if you think a great smile reflects your personality. Having a bright smile is not something everyone is born with, but it is possible to achieve  with a little help.  From coffee to curry, the food we choose to eat and drink can have a direct bearing on the colour of our smile and can leave our teeth looking a little dull. Certain medications, trauma, smoking, tea, coffee and red wine are some of the more common contributors to staining. Moreover, as we age, the colour of our teeth naturally darkens. For these reasons, teeth whitening  has become a popular and minimally invasive treatment in modern dentistry.

Teeth Whitening with  CP Dental in Brisbane

We have chosen only to offer take home whitening kits instead of instant whitening as we know it provides safe, effective and affordable results and gives you the ability to maintain your white smile into the future. Our custom made kits are $250 and you can buy refills of gel if ever you run out. It is important to have a dental professional to assess your teeth before you commence whitening. We use the Australian made Pola range of take home whitening gels.

Take Home Kit

If you’d like to whiten your teeth from the comfort of your own home in Brisbane, you’ll first need to book an appointment with our dentist so that we can create a custom-fitted whitening tray. After this, we’ll provide you with our one of our home dental whitening kits using Australian made Pola whitening products. Simply distribute the gel into your tray and place it over your teeth. In most cases, using the tray for 45 minutes per day for 7-10 days will give you a nice improvement. The key to success is the custom fitting tray which ensures only a controlled amount of gel contacts the area of the tooth that needs to be whitened. This minimises irritation of the gum and reduces the chance of swallowing any of the gel  It’s a safe and professional alternative to over-the-counter whitening kits that can easily fit around your schedule without your dentist’s supervision.

Keep Your Teeth Whiter For Longer

How long your smile stays fresh after having teeth whitening in Emerald, Mater Hill or Coopers Plains is very much down to you. If stain-causing food and drinks are avoided and a great oral health routine is followed, then your teeth will stay whiter for longer. Make sure you regularly remove any plaque build-up with a thorough home care routine of brushing and flossing and rinse your mouth out with water within thirty minutes of eating to help reduce staining. A big advantage of our custom kits are that you can use them into the future for top-up whitening. 

Am I Suitable for Teeth Whitening in Brisbane?

This cosmetic dentistry treatment is suitable for the majority of people who are looking to improve the colour of their teeth but there are a few caveats. Your Brisbane dentist might decide that you’re not the best candidate for whitening if:

  • You have dental bridges, crowns or veneers – as these restorations can’t be lightened
  • You have sensitive teeth, receding gums, tooth decay or other dental issues
  • Your staining is due to a health condition or medication, as whitening may be less effective

If you’re not eligible for teeth whitening in Coopers Plains, Brisbane, don’t worry, you may still be able to brighten your smile with dental crowns or veneers. Our cosmetic dentist will discuss the best option for you at your dental consultation.

If you’d like to brighten up your smile with teeth whitening in South Brisbane or Emerald QLD, our team of dentists at CP Dental can help. To learn more about our range of quality cosmetic dentistry treatments call us today to make a dental appointment. For your convenience, we have two dental practices based in South Brisbane located at Mater Hill and Coopers Plains and one practice at Emerald QLD. Our cosmetic dentists love creating natural looking, white smiles – it’s our passion.

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