Teeth Grinding

South Brisbane Treatment for Teeth Grinding: Professional and Affordable

There’s a little-known but serious problem that ruins thousands of smiles every year: teeth grinding. South Brisbane dental professionals are trying to fight against this issue with treatments that restore smiles and stop the habit.

What Causes Teeth Grinding?

Teeth grinding usually happens at night during sleep. If you grind your teeth in your sleep, then you may not be aware that you have this habit. It’s often a subconscious manifestation of stress or can be linked to problems with the airway or breathing. You might grind your teeth if you are dealing with some anxiety. Thousands of people in South Brisbane already struggle with this common habit.

The Dangers of Teeth Grinding

One dental issue South Brisbane dentists often encounter in their patients is teeth grinding. Mater Hill is one place where you can learn more about the dangers of teeth grinding right here at CP Dental.

Teeth grinding is bad for your smile because it causes:

● Enamel wear

● Teeth fractures

● Damage to restorations

● Gum recession

● Tooth sensitivity

● Stress on your TMJ

● Enlarged chewing muscles in your cheeks

The good news is that you may able to stop your teeth grinding habit with one of the mouthguards Mater Hill dentists design.

Signs You Grind Your Teeth

Are you one of the many South Brisbane residents who grind their teeth? You just might be if you notice any of the following:

● Teeth that look unusually short or flat.

● Yellow tooth roots exposed by gum recession.

● Soreness or tenderness in your jaw when you wake up in the morning.

● Waking up with a headache.

Not sure whether you grind your teeth? Find out by scheduling a consultation with a dentist who has experience in treating teeth grinding. Coopers Plains dentists at CP Dental have over four decades of experience in helping patients to restore their smiles and prevent teeth grinding.

Teeth Grinding Treatment: South Brisbane

Teeth grinding treatment is usually done with professionally-made mouthguards known as splints. South Brisbane dental patients who used to grind their teeth can attest to how well this method works.

A mouthguard works by cushioning your teeth against the force of your bite and prevents your upper and lower teeth from contacting each other. If you’re interested in mouthguards, Coopers Plains dentists can design one for you.

Can’t you just shop for your own mouthguards? Emerald dentists strongly discourage doing that. You just won’t get the same level of protection, comfort, and durability that a custom-made professional mouthguard will get you.

Do you suspect that you suffer from teeth grinding? Emerald, Coopers Plains and Mater Hill dentists from the CP Dental team can help you find out.

It’s time to say goodbye to teeth grinding! South Brisbane dental treatment for teeth grinding is just a phone call away. Call us today on (07) 3050 3030 to book an appointment with one of our South Brisbane mouthguard dentists.

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