Teeth Implants Thailand – Be Aware With The Potential Risks

Have you spent time recently thinking about replacing a missing tooth that has always annoyed you? Have you considered implant work to replace that missing tooth or teeth? Has the cost stopped you going ahead? So have you asked friends, family or work colleagues, and been told to go overseas to a place like Thailand for your teeth implants? 

If you’ve considered teeth implants as an option for filling that annoying tooth/teeth gap and done a google search on travelling overseas for “teeth implants Thailand” or ““dental surgery in Thailand”, read on to see what you need to look out for regarding those teeth implants Thailand. Before you buy that plane ticket for your teeth implants in Thailand, and before you plan your hotel quarantine for your seemingly exotic dental tourism holiday for the purposes of getting some rest and relaxation in while you have your teeth implants done in Thailand, you’ll need to carefully research what is involved and be sure you are comfortable with what the potential risks are.   

Considering Dental Implant Surgery

Before you consider teeth implant surgery, make sure you talk to your trusted local dentist about what all your options are.  If after considering the advantages and disadvantages of all your dental options for replacing missing teeth, you determine implants are still your preferred option, look closely at how you could finance the treatment locally.  However, if you still decide an overseas trip to Thailand, travel restrictions allowing, is your best option, make sure you do your research.  If I was going to Thailand, or any other country, other than where I currently live, to have dental surgery done, I would want to carefully investigate multiple options and be completely satisfied with the experience and training of the dentist performing my surgically invasive dental implant treatment. 

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Remember that some dental implants are relatively simple and some are much more complicated, and that the training and experience of the dentist carrying out the treatment is vital, particularly their ability to handle and rectify any unintended consequences that may occur with any surgery.  Unfortunately, serious consequences and even deaths have been reported from what was supposed to be simple implant surgery overseas. 

Have a good think about the clinic in which that dentist is performing your dental implant surgery in Thailand. Be sure that the , that then give you confidence that your risk of infections is minimised.  Check and ascertain that the overall hygiene and general infection control procedures used in the clinic are impeccable. Ensure the clinic and staff are all fully trained to handle emergency situations that may arise from your dental surgery. 

Be clued up on the specific type and brand of implant system being used.  Quality implant componentry is absolutely key for successful long term results.  Also, bear in mind that there are hundreds of implant system types available world-wide and these systems are not often interchangeable.   Some implant systems are not well supported or even available in some countries of the world.  So beware that an implant surgically placed in Thailand may or may not be able to be rectified or restored in Australia if something goes awry with your treatment in Thailand.  Generally implants are placed at one appointment, but then not restored until 3 to 6 months later when full bone healing has occurred around the implant.  Are you prepared and is it cost effective or practical for you to travel multiple times to your dentist in Thailand for treatment over such a time frame? If a failure of the implant or part of the implant system occurs, can you easily and cost effectively have this rectified at home in Australia? 

Dental Tourism

So before you plan and book your dental tourism holiday and buy your plane ticket for teeth implants in Thailand, make sure you are fully comfortable with the qualifications, experience and training of the dentist surgically placing the teeth implants for you. Ensure the actual clinic is accredited to the highest standards of infection control and that the staff are fully trained to handle emergency situations that may arise.  Take time to consider the practicality and costs associated with multiple trips to Thailand for the implant placement and restoration of the final crown or crowns. Also, ensure the quality of implant components being surgically placed into your mouth and that they the implant system is well supported in Australia. 

Remember that our team of professionals at CP Dental are always available to answer your questions related to implants and what your alternative options are for your missing tooth or teeth gaps.  We always strive to provide you the best care, at the highest of standards.


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