Teeth Whitening in Phuket – Understand The Possible Risks You May Encounter

Spent more time at home throughout 2020 drinking coffee, red wine and eating curry, and left wondering how to best do some teeth whitening now the new year has rolled around?  Want that sparkling, bright, white smile that teeth whitening can achieve?

Teeth whitening in Phuket while on an amazing holiday, sound enticing? You’re not alone. International travel to have dental work including teeth whitening done in Phuket Thailand, has often been touted as a good, low cost, affordable option for many Australians. But, with international travel to Phuket Thailand being off the cards for quite a while, given international travel restrictions due to you-know-what, you might be wondering what options you can pursue for teeth whitening in your own backyard here in Brisbane, Australia. 

If you’ve ever wanted to consider teeth whitening, please keep reading. Am I a good candidate for teeth whitening? How safe it is to do teeth whitening? Or what is involved with teeth whitening? What can go wrong with teeth whitening here at home or in Phuket Thailand? And what will it cost to whiten my teeth? 

Essentially teeth whitening can give you the perfect bright, white, sparkling smile, but there are a few points you need to be well aware of before you embark on teeth whitening.  Having teeth whitening done by your dental professional at CP Dental is much safer than having it done by a practice in say, Phuket Thailand, because your teeth first need to be professionally assessed to ensure that you are a good candidate for teeth whitening.  You should be aware that existing fillings and restorations such as Crowns, Bridges and Veneers can’t be lightened with teeth whitening.

safety teeth whitening phuket coopers plainsIf you have sensitive teeth, shrinking gums, any active tooth decay or other dental problems, these need to be addressed professionally and correctly for your dental health to be optimal, before commencing teeth whitening. 

Also, if your teeth staining is due to a health condition or from certain medications, whitening may be less effective than you’d like. Your CP Dental professional can give you honest advice as to whether teeth whitening or other cosmetic dental treatment options are appropriate for you.   

At CP Dental, we offer safe and effective, professional teeth whitening products and you can be assured of the quality of the product being applied, or product you are applying to your own teeth, compared to something potentially unknown that you can order online or buy overseas.  We at CP dental can help you from the start to the finish of your whitening journey, and ensure you achieve the best long term whitening results. 

With our chosen system, teeth whitening can be performed safely and economically  in the comfort of your own home.  We believe this is superior to whitening your teeth while on holidays in Phuket Thailand.  The advantage of having teeth whitening done with a professional quality take-home kit, is that you can simply have custom fit trays made at CP Dental, and then easily apply the teeth whitening gel to your dental trays and wear these when it is convenient. 

So what can go wrong with teeth whitening?  Well, if you are correctly and professionally assessed by a qualified dental professional, prior to commencing teeth whitening, then not too much can go wrong. But if you are incorrectly assessed, and aren’t a suitable candidate, or if you apply an incorrect product to your teeth, this can be potentially hazardous to your health and also potentially damaging to your precious teeth.  Sensitivity can arise when whitening products are used, and your CP Dental professional can give you the best advice as to how to combat this. 

You may be surprised to hear that CP dental can offer you both easy and very affordable teeth whitening, to improve your appearance and help boost your self-esteem and your overall confidence.  So that trip for teeth whitening in Phuket isn’t needed, when it is actually easy and cost effective to have it done here at home at CP dental.  Our team at CP Dental are passionate to offer you professional advice on teeth whitening and all your dental needs. We will provide you with quality care at an affordable price.


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