Wisdom Teeth

Gentle Wisdom Teeth Removal at CP Dental

Wisdom teeth removal, South Brisbane dentists say, may be necessary to ensure your mouth stays comfortable and healthy.

Wisdom tooth removal is often recommended because the teeth get impacted. Impaction occurs when the molars don’t grow straight up out of the gums. Instead, they might grow at an angle that can push on the teeth in front of them.

These molars are located at the back of the mouth, and can be prone to oral diseases such as decay or periodontitis. That’s why South Brisbane residents should have their wisdom teeth checked by Coopers Plains dentists at CP Dental.

Signs Your Wisdom Teeth Have to Be Removed

Signs that your wisdom teeth need to be removed include:

Healthy and functional wisdom teeth shouldn’t cause you any pain. If your third molars are coming in crooked, impacted or have an infection, then you might be in discomfort and need to see a South Brisbane dentist.

You might have a hard time brushing and flossing around your wisdom teeth. As a result, dental plaque can accumulate around the gums in that area and cause gingivitis. South Brisbane dentists might recommend extracting these teeth if you can’t keep them clean and healthy.

It’s often not easy for South Brisbane dentists to restore decayed wisdom teeth. Your third molars may have to be removed if they develop cavities, rather than trying to save them. Talk to our Mater Hill Dentists at CP Dental for the best advice.

If your front teeth are getting crowded, then you’ll want to consider if your wisdom teeth are the cause. Emerald dentists at CP Dental know that if there isn’t enough room for third molars in the mouth, the other teeth can become crowded.

The only way to know for sure whether your wisdom teeth should be extracted is to visit a South Brisbane dentist.

Safe and Effective Wisdom Teeth Removal: Mater Hill

CP Dental will give you a comfortable experience by providing:

● An accurate evaluation of your wisdom teeth

● A relaxing environment

● Sedation options to ease your anxiety

● The latest dental tools and technology

With more than 50 years of experience in the dental industry, CP Dental is one of the top choices for wisdom teeth removal. South Brisbane residents love our gentle touch, caring approach and affordable price and we know you will, too!

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Disclaimer: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.