Experiencing Tooth Sensitivity and Pain? These Might Help

Tooth sensitivity and pain can vary from mild to extreme and it is important to understand the cause in order to treat it effectively. Dentists regularly get quizzed from patients who are concerned they have serious issues that are contributing to their discomfort. Fortunately, true tooth sensitivity is easy to treat and often manageable without […]

What is a Root Canal in Dentistry?

If you are a dentist at a party quite often you will get quizzed about the different types of dental procedures. So in this article, we seek to clarify – What is a root canal in dentistry? Root canal treatment is aimed at removing infected and painful tissue within the tooth to avoid having the […]

Why Is A Root Canal Needed? – Everything You Need To Know

For many people, the phrase root canal is not something that evokes the same sort of emotion as puppy dogs or beach sunsets. Much of this unpleasant reaction can be born out of hearing other people’s tales, or perhaps a misunderstanding of what it is, and why a root canal is needed. Most dentists would […]