How Do Braces Work?

When most people think of straightening crooked teeth, they picture teenagers with metal orthodontic braces. The mainstay for aligning teeth for decades, braces have transformed smiles, improving confidence and function along the way. Straight teeth don’t just look better, they are easier to clean and work better for chewing when placed in the correct position. […]

How to Keep Teeth White?

Keeping our teeth pearly white can be a challenge.  Plaque staining, darkening, yellowing, and changing colours can all be concerns we have with our teeth.  There are many options that are not invasive and those that are more invasive to assist with teeth whitening.  Types of colour and staining were seen in our teeth   Plaque on our […]

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

Teeth Whitening products seem to be everywhere. From the supermarket, to your social media feed, you are bombarded with options and it can be difficult to make an informed choice. Getting effective results from a safe and reputable source is one thing, but how long does teeth whitening last? Put simply, there is no easy […]

Teeth Whitening in Phuket – Understand The Possible Risks You May Encounter

Spent more time at home throughout 2020 drinking coffee, red wine and eating curry, and left wondering how to best do some teeth whitening now the new year has rolled around?  Want that sparkling, bright, white smile that teeth whitening can achieve? Teeth whitening in Phuket while on an amazing holiday, sound enticing? You’re not […]

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Teeth whitening procedures are becoming increasingly popular as more and more products pop up on your social media feed. In many cases they are promoted by influencers with no dental background and are also being sold or applied by those with no formal dental training.  So how safe is teeth whitening? That depends on what […]

Best Teeth Whitening Tips

If you want to whiten your teeth you may have already discovered that there are loads of products and options that claim to give great outcomes. The challenge is to sort fact from the fiction and to make the correct choice for your situation.   Why Are My Teeth Discoloured? Before you consider teeth whitening, […]